Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Small MIIStake

Okay, so to be fair the issue is actually with ILM (Version In the previous version, MIIS 3.2.559.0, I would frequently run MAs from the Operations tab, like so... From the Operations tab, right click on the MA run of interest, and select the Run… option:

The resulting Run Management Agent window would then pre-populate the Management agent drop-down box and the Run profile list box with the same values as the original operation selected. Simply click OK and the selected run would be restarted (which makes it really easy to re-run a particular profile):

Now if you attempt to do follow this same procedure in ILM…

The drop down menu is not automatically set to the MA selected. If you are used to being able to simply click the OK button from this dialog, you may inadvertently run the wrong MA. In fact you can see where I ran an ADAM MA by accident in the middle of the test MA series of runs:

So the bad news, for those of you using the current version of ILM, get use to using the drop-down menu to select the MA you want to run. The good news… this is a planned fix in a future hotfix! Not sure which one, or when. Anyone out there know?

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