Friday, February 24, 2012

The Last FIM Workflow You Will Ever Need

Okay, probably not, but its still pretty cool.  I recently built a Workflow in FIM that will allow a user to define the code they want executed at run time.  The Workflow will compile the code and run it in a separate app domain when its initiated (  The UI will allow you to specify the input parameters and where the result of the code execution will go.  Here is a simple example, I am passing in the first and last name from the target of the request, I am also passing the the mail host that I have calculated in a previous step and saved to WorkflowData.  I am then using the code to calculate the user’s email address and save it to the email parameter on the target:


You can add and remove input parameters as needed during design time and then refer to them in the code using their specified index. I expect in future releases to be allow the user to specify additional namespaces and code references to import. It currently won’t do any syntax checking or formatting at design time, but otherwise its extremely versatile and flexible! 

UPDATE: Check out Part 2 of this article for the latest information and download instructions!

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George said...

Hi I am new to FIM
I have a problem setting a multivalue attribute.
Basically, I need to set the protocolsettings attribute for exchange when I create a new user in the portal. Is the rule extension the way to go?

Thanks for your advice