Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Exchange Room Resources

Recently while trying to provision Room Resource Mailboxes via FIM, or more specifically I was setting their Access Booking Policies via the Set-CalendarProcessing command in a PowerShell Workflow, I received the following error:

The values for ResourceMake, ResourceModel, and ResourceType must be included in the ResourceProperties collection.

You may also see this error if you try to open the object in the Exchange Management Console and try to save it. 

Upon further inspection, the issue appeared because the msExchResourceSearchProperties attribute didn’t contain the resource type, in this case “Room”, anywhere in the multi-valued list.  After manually adding this value to the existing list, this issue was resolved.  Since we are getting this list from user input in the portal, a more permanent solution will involve adding a Workflow to ensure that “Room” appears in this list when we add/update it in the portal.

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