Tuesday, July 26, 2011

XMA Creation Feature

So recently while creating some XMAs for FIM 2010 I noticed that while the initial creation page looked like this:

XMA Initial Creation

When I opened the XMA after it was created I got:

XMA After Creation

“One of these things is not like the others….”  Even though I didn’t select the checkbox for the “Run this management agent in a separate process” option, the FIM Sync Engine created it that way.  It will remember the setting from this point in, but if you forget, this can make attaching the debugger and stepping into your code a little more difficult.  (Just as any FYI, I usually do turn this feature on when I am running the XMA in a QA/Production environment to minimize the chance that I could bring done the main sync miiserver process).  This only appears to be an issue the XMA, I haven’t noticed this issue with any of the other MA types.


Anonymous said...

There was (probably still is) an issue with Out of Proc XMAs such that you can't also use a Password Extension with them. Not sure if it ever got fixed.

Rebecca Croft said...

Ah, that makes a little more sense then. I think this maybe fixed with the new EZMA offering.