Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Last FIM Management Agent Rules Extension You Will Ever Need

For the next in the Last FIM series, I extended the concept introduced in The Last FIM Workflow You Will Ever Need to the Synchronization Engine.  In this case, this Management Agent Extension will take the Attribute Flow Name provided, compile it and run it like code.  So as an example, if you were creating an import flow to displayName and wanted to calculate it by concatenating  firstName + " " + lastName from the connector space, you could do the following as the Flow rule name: mventry[“displayName”].Value = csentry[“FirstName”].Value + " " + csentry[“LastName”].Value:


In order to make this work, download and install the CodePlex project from http://fimma.codeplex.com, then reference the Insight.FIM.CodelessSync.dll on the MA Extensions tab:


A few things to note, currently the code that you can place in the Flow rule name is limited to a single line, so only fairly simple calculations can be performed, but it may keep you from having to go to the Portal for "codeless" sync rules.  Only C# syntax is currently accepted, although a VB version could be written.  There may also be some value in writing a version that uses its own simplified syntax.  Only reference the .Value property of any mventry or csentry attribute.  The extension will inspect the data type to determine how to handle it from there.  Also, this can be nicely combined with an existing MA Extension code you might have, simply use it as your default call on your switch statement for import or export flow code:


public void MapAttributesForImport(string FlowRuleName, CSEntry csentry, MVEntry mventry)
           switch (FlowRuleName)
               case "existingFlowName":
                   //existing code
                   runCommand(FlowRuleName, mventry, csentry, "mventry");

The extension is fairly new, so may still need some tweaking, but I wanted to get it out to the community for your feedback and contributions.  Let me know what you think!

Also, be on the watch for the next in the Last FIM series, The Last FIM Metaverse Extension You Will Ever Need.


Anna Schafer said...

In this case, this Management Agent Extension will take the Attribute Flow Name provided, compile it and run it like code. how to write a chrome extension

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